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6 Reasons to Say YES to Chocolate

At this time of year, chocolate is everywhere and the temptation can be difficult to resist. But would it really be so bad if you said yes every now and then? Well actually, there are several reasons why we think you should. Whilst most chocolate is full of sugar and milk and does nothing for […]

TOMATO – A Terrific Health Building Fruit

Coloured Tomatoes

The tomato is in the same family as potato, tobacco, pepper and aubergine – the nightshade family or Solanacea. It is technically a berry, however simply through chance we eat it as a vegetable and not as a fruit. Unknown to many people, tomatoes can come in many shapes, sizes and colours. White, orange, pink, […]

Do You Know the Health Benefits of Beans?

dried beans

This broad category of beans includes Black beans Black-eyed beans Chickpeas or garbanzos Fava beans Kidney beans Lentils Lima beans Split peas Plus several other fresh and other dried beans.   A regular intake of beans reduces bad cholesterol, and helps regulate blood sugar.   They help beneficially with Bowel problems. Importantly, with regards to high […]

Apple juice could guard against Alzheimer’s


Drinking apple juice could help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, studies indicates. Research has found that consuming two glasses of apple juice a day could delay the onset of the brain disorder, which affects more than 400,000 people in the UK. Scientists made the discovery through laboratory tests on mice, which showed that those fed apple juice performed […]

Water and wellness

Water is a key factor in maintaining the energy and efficiency of the human organism.  Its place in nutritional science is shamefully underdeveloped, particularly in the English-speaking world. Most of us try to keep hydrated, but with the recent news about all the chemicals in bottled water, what is the best approach? Drinking water should […]

Spinach and the Brilliant Beneficial Health Nutrients


Introduction and a little history Spinach is said to come from Persia. It would first have been cultivated regularly when the Graeco-Roman civilisation was in power. It was introduced to Spain in 1100, and then in the 14th century across Europe, but not until 500 years ago was it introduced to England and France. It […]

Health benefits of a diet high in fruits and vegetables

fruit and veg on chopping board

Fruits and vegetables are generally accepted to offer important nutritional benefits. But did you know that eating them can impact on our happiness as well as physical health? They can lift our mood, increase energy levels and help us enjoy life to the full. In contrast, many processed foods can have the opposite effect. The […]

PRUNES – Cleansing and Protective properties

prunes in a bowl

Introduction From the ‘Dispensary of the United States, 1907. “Prunes are laxative and nutritious…imparting their laxative properties to boiling water, they serve as a pleasant and useful addition to purgative decoctions. Their pulp is used in the preparation of laxative confections. Too largely taken they are apt to occasion flatulence, griping and indigestion.”   A little History of the […]

Good Health and Magnesium


Around 99% of the magnesium in our body works within cells, with over 60% deposited in our bones. 20% of it maintains proper muscle function and it is a beneficial metabolite. Magnesium mobilises helps to remove toxins from within cells. In fact, it is required for over 300 important enzyme systems to regulate biological functions. […]

Beetroot and its Magical Properties


Surprisingly, there are many health benefits that come from the humble vegetable of beetroot! In fact, most people are unaware of the many beneficial and powerful nutrients that are found in beetroot. Did you know that over 25% of the world’s sugar production is actually sourced from beets? While the history of beetroot is fascinating, […]