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In natural foods (plants & animals) vitamins never exist in an isolated or ‘free state’. They are bound in a food matrix with co-factor attachments. Rather than being isolated nutrients, they are delivered to the body within a ‘food matrix’, providing nutrients in the form that is found in nature. This allows for optimal absorption by the body, much more so than many synthetically produced, so-called ‘natural’ supplements or non food state supplements.

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Pioneering Research

Wise Owl’s co-founder, Eric Llewellyn, is the nutritional pioneer who introduced ‘food state’ supplements to the UK. Eric’s life­’s work is fundamentally about getting people to help themselves achieve health through correct nutrition and diet. Eric discovered ‘Food State’ in the late 1970s whilst hunting for nutrients that would support chronically and terminally ill patients. Unhappy with the chemical vitamins and minerals on offer he found his answer in the Grow Company in the USA. Over the past 40 years, Eric earned a reputation for setting high standards within the food supplement industry, working with the Grow Company to supply food state formulas for doctors, clinics, health practitioners, distributors and even Olympic medalists all over the world. Grow materials have been proven in many studies to out-perform their chemical counterparts. This is because they are made from real food, so the body absorbs nearly 100% of the active nutrients.

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In a world where our soil is between 55 and 85% less nutrient dense than it was 60 years ago, here at Wise Owl Health we consider there is a strong case for supplementation.

The nutritional supplement market is a fast growing business as over the years we have all become far more aware of our need to keep healthy and to maintain optimum levels of nutrients.

Gaining access to nutritional supplements is easier now than it has ever been as they can be found in chemists, the shelves of supermarkets and countless sites on the Internet.

However, not all supplements are the same!

The way in which nutritional substances are presented to the body may be broadly divided into four groups:

  • Natural food (unprocessed)
  • Food State whole food complex nutrients
  • Amino acid chelate mineral supplement
  • As a ‘natural’ health supplement

Natural Food (unprocessed)

The vitamins, minerals and trace elements we normally consume come to us as part of the food that we eat. The nutrient content of the food will be dependant upon the soil or the animal grazing pasture. Modern day farming has seriously reduced the quality of the earth resulting in food that may be nutritionally deplete.

However, that considered, good quality food is still the most efficient way for our body to obtain our vitamins, minerals and trace minerals.

Food State Whole Food Complex Nutrients

The Food State form of vitamins and minerals present nutrients with appropriate co-factors to the body in a form the body can recognise, use more readily and safely.

In food the vitamins, minerals and trace elements are naturally associated with many different and complex food components.

The body can recognise the food components of unprocessed foods and the co-factors within these foods help to facilitate the absorption and distribution of nutrients.

The composition and structure of natural unprocessed foods contain special proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and other necessary co-factors that contribute to our good health.

In natural foods, (plants and animals), vitamins never exist in an isolated or ‘free state’. They are bound in a food matrix with co-factor attachments.

Food State nutrients, like natural foods are complete with the necessary nutrient delivery co-factors for use. The benefit of the food co-factors makes ‘Food State’ nutrients much more bioavailable within the body.

Although food is always the best means of obtaining all nutritional requirements (if grown in appropriate soil, under certain conditions), the second best will be the ‘Food State’ form of nutrients.

Amino Acid Chelates

Nature does not create amino acid chelates and no foods contain them.

These are minerals that are synthetically produced but considered better with regard to bioavailability than the standard ”natural” isolate chemical form.

As a ‘Natural’ Health Supplement

Unbeknown to many people and practitioners, most of the supplements on the shelves that call themselves ‘natural’ are presented to the body in a chemical form known as a ‘chemical isolate’.

For supplementation purposes, the majority of the 13 recognised vitamins cannot be successfully isolated in a stable form. In order for them to be technologically stable they are manufactured as chemical isolate forms in laboratories.

Many of the vitamins in ‘natural’ supplements are petroleum extracts, coal tar derivatives and chemically processed sugars with other acids and industrial chemicals (such as formaldehyde) used to process them.

Synthetic vitamins were originally developed because they cost far less to produce.

Wise Owl Health Food State nutrients are made from foods such as, carrots, yellow pea, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes, tangerines, nutritional yeast and lactobacillus bulgaricus.

To the best of our knowledge there is no single amino acid chelate or chemical isolate in our natural food, vegetable or plant. If the amino acid chelates or chemical isolates are not present in any natural food, how can they be labelled as ‘natural’? Nature does not create amino acid chelates/chemical isolates and no food contains them.

Furthermore, these materials often lack key elements, which naturally form part of the vitamin or mineral supplement – resulting in the body failing to obtain key elements, which are found in foods and in Food State nutrients.

Wise Owl Food State nutrients are made up of many components that include:-

  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins
  • Lipids
  • Glycoproteins
  • Lipoproteins
  • Bioflavonoids
  • Phospholipids

….along with other supportive nutrients such as Beta Glucans, SOD Glutathione and many more.

Wise Owl has cGMP and GLP protocols in place for the manufacturing of its nutrients. The Wise Owl Food State raw material, manufacturing process and the tablet formulation conform to appropriate pharmaceutical and GMP. We produce our products using modified Over The Counter drug manufacturing standards. We fully recognise all appropriate UK and EU food supplements legislation & continue to make every effort to ensure that our products comply with all requirements. At our FDA inspected manufacturing plant in the US, two independent outside contractors are responsible for monitoring water quality; and pest control on a monthly and biweekly basis, respectively.


Precise manufacturing controls are maintained throughout the production process. Environmental, in-process and finished product samples are collected and analyzed to assure that each batch of product is of the highest quality.

Manufacturing & Bioavailability of Tablets

Manufacturing can significantly affect the bioavailability and absorption potential of nutrients within the body and the use of innocuous excipients in the tableting process can themselves affect the availability of the active substances for absorption.

Wise Owl supplements are produced using specific but minimal excipients.

Pressure & Bioavailability

The bioavailability of the active ingredients can be affected by the pressure applied to the tablet in its creation. Too great a pressure generates heat and may affect the presence of the active substances, it can also disturbs the disintegration time of the tablet, consequently resulting in poor or negligible absorption.
Wise Owl Food State tablets are produced with appropriate pressure to overcome any of these potential problems.

Heat & Bioavailability

Food State tablets (natural nutritional supplements) are made in small production runs, to ensure that the machinery used does not become hot so preventing damage to the active ingredients.
Quality Control of the final tablet includes correct disintegration, micro-biological assay and conformity to tablet specifications.

Our work with nutritionists and health experts ensure that all of our products are as advanced as possible.