Beetroot and its Magical Properties


Surprisingly, there are many health benefits that come from the humble vegetable of beetroot!

In fact, most people are unaware of the many beneficial and powerful nutrients that are found in beetroot. Did you know that over 25% of the world’s sugar production is actually sourced from beets? While the history of beetroot is fascinating, it can can be consumed in so many ways now, that it has become such a versatile and valuable vegetable to us. Not only is it extremely flexible but it has so many health benefits that it most certainly has superfood qualities.

Beetroot was written about as early as 5,000 years ago and Hippocrates known as the ‘father of medicine’ wrote that the beetroot was perfect for cleansing the blood and promoting a longer, healthier life. Indeed, 2,000 years ago the Romans also consumed beetroot for stamina and used the leaves for healing wounds. The Roman’s also considered the beetroot to be an aphrodisiac. The ancient Greeks claimed that the Goddess of Love Aphrodite devoured beetroot and the natural nutrients attributed to her famous beauty.

What Are the Beetroot Food Facts?

  • Beetroot leaves have been consumed raw in salads and cooked as a green vegetable for centuries. Beetroot is commonly consumed today as a cooked vegetable or as a pickled vegetable.
  • The beneficial nutrients in beetroot are destroyed during the pickling process.
  • Beetroot is commonly used as a raw grated vegetable in salads.
  • Beetroot is considered a source of Increased Energy and Stamina by athletes and regular juicers.
  • The beetroot provides the colouring for many prepared foods and even some cosmetics.

Wise Owl’s founder Eric Llewellyn says that the absolute best source to obtain the maximum health benefits of beetroot is to choose organically grown beetroots (tuber and leaves). Eric’s top recommended juice is ½ pint of organic beetroot combined with ½ pint of organic carrot for a highly nutritional juice drink. Why not add organic beetroot or organic beetroot juice to your next shopping list?


What Are the Positive Health Benefits of Beetroot?

There has been much clinical research regarding the positive health benefits of beetroot. The beetroot has many beneficial health promoting anti-oxidant nutrients, in fact it is one of the richest vegetable sources of beneficial anti-oxidants. Not only does beetroot contain beneficial nutrients that help detoxify potentially harmful substances but beetroot juice and freshly grated beetroot has been found to reduce the signs of wrinkles and many clinics promote beetroot for its anti-ageing properties.

REDUCES CHOLESTEROL – The fibre content of beetroot was shown to help reduce elevated cholesterol by over 20% and support the liver to more effectively process dietary fats.
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – Beetroot juice was shown to help lower high blood pressure.
RED BLOOD CELLS – Beetroot was also shown to stimulate the production of red blood cells and help alleviate anaemia.
KIDNEY & BLADDER FUNCTION – Beetroot has been reported to help alleviate some kidney and bladder disorders and improve their function.
CELLS – There are clinical studies that have shown beetroot valuable in reducing undesirable cell mutations and has anti-tumour properties.
INFLAMMATION – Beetroot helps to eradicate some viruses and reduce inflammation.
MENSTRUATION – Beetroot juice was found to help alleviate women who experience amenorrhea (suppressed menstruation) which effects over 5% of women.
BENEFICIAL NUTRIENTS – Beetroot contains protective beneficial nutrients that have been shown to help our cardiovascular system, muscles, nerve function and bones.
BRAIN FUNCTION – Beetroot (juice and freshly grated) helps to keep our brain more active and alert as we age.

Did you know that amongst numerous health benefits, the wonderful vegetable of beetroot is also well-known for being a potent “hangover cure”?

DID YOU KNOW?Interestingly, people in many countries buy and consume dried beetroot crystals in capsules or they can blend into a daily juice.  However, the health benefits are unlikely to be the same as those of fresh beets or fresh juice. Beetroot is known to be one of the best vegetables to consume fresh with tremendous benefits to improve our health. Indeed, beetroot juice is one of the most beneficial forms to consume the health promoting nutrients of this remarkable vegetable. Ensuring that the beneficial nutrients stay active, the next best way to consume beetroot is freshly grated because many nutrients are destroyed when cooked. Cooked beetroot does still provide many beneficial nutrients that include fibre, minerals and some beneficial fats and vitamins. Beneficial fats help to reduce weight not add weight.

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Disclaimer: The information in this document is not intended to replace orthodox medical treatment. The information offered in this document is offered as additional complimentary information.

Article Date: 15/02/2017. Amended: 01/08/2017

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