Frequently asked questions

Do you supply direct to the public or to health professionals?

The active vitamin is “fed” into the most suitable plant medium for it; that is, the most suitable plant matter with the enzymes to digest it fully. For example, citrus pulp is used for the re-naturing of ascorbic acid, because it is naturally so high in vitamin C; carrot pulp is used with Beta Carotene; alfalfa with Vitamin K, and so on. The enzymes naturally present in the various mediums integrate the vitamin so thoroughly, that it is once again fully incorporated into a food matrix.
Both the vitamin and mineral products are harvested, freeze dried and tableted, following a strictly monitored procedure, to ensure that nothing, (e.g. heat, or pressure during manufacture), can interfere with their availability to the body’s natural digestive processes, thus providing the body with an eminently bioavailable form of supplementation.

Are all non Food State vitamin and mineral supplements bad for you?

The standard form of “natural” supplement is as an isolated chemical substance containing only the synthetically produced chemical. There are negative side effects from using the chemical (called “natural”) form.

Food State nutritional supplements are described as “food” supplements because they are complete with other food nutrients that are necessary for proper absorption within the body. In contrast, the standard “natural” vitamin is a synthesised chemical not recognised by the body.

Can you supply anywhere in the world?

Yes. Wise Owl Health can, and does, supply individuals, clinics, doctors and health practitioners throughout the world.

What is your Refund, Replacement and Cancellation policy?

You can cancel your order at any time within seven days and return the goods for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with the product.

What are your delivery times?

All orders and their delivery times are subject to stock levels at the time of order. If in stock, UK delivery is 2-5 days, whilst international orders take 3-10 days.

Will I pay the price displayed on the website when I order and does it include VAT?

The prices displayed include VAT and are correct at the time of ordering. However, we reserve the right to change prices on the website from time to time.