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Wise Owl’s vitamins & minerals are truly natural supplements, made using high quality whole foods, giving your body the sort of nutrients our ancestors had... the way nature intended. Made from real food, the absorption & utilisation of Wise Owl's supplements give you nearly 100% of the active food nutrients.

Our food state supplements are quite simply whole food, without the bulk. Rather than being isolated nutrients, they are delivered to the body within a ‘food matrix’, providing nutrients in the form that is found in nature. This allows for optimal absorption by the body, much more so than many synthetically produced, so-called ‘natural’ supplements or non food state supplements.

Eric LlewellynWise Owl’s co-founder, Eric Llewellyn, is the nutritional pioneer who brought ‘food state’ supplements to the UK 40 years ago. Our ‘food state’ supplements are used throughout the world.

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Food State Explained

About 40 years ago there was, perhaps, the most important breakthrough ever in nutritional science and a unique generation of supplements was developed. This revolutionary process became known as Food State (natural nutritional supplements).

Our ‘Food State’ products are different from 98% of the supplements available in the marketplace. Most supplements available are found in a synthetic, isolated form of the nutrient. In real food, nutrients are never found alone, they are found within a ‘food matrix’ of other active components that ensure the best delivery of nutrients.

Food and ‘Food State’ share the same form of nutrient delivery within the body. ‘Food State’ supplements provide nutrients as close as possible to natural foods and importantly, exist within a food matrix of real contributing edible parts of natural food. In this form the body recognises the supplements as food, so absorbing them readily and ultimately delivering them more efficiently than synthetically processed ‘non food state’ nutrients. They are natural nutritional supplements.
Wise Owl supplements provide nutrients that are highly ‘bioavailable’ may be better absorbed, retained and used in the parts of the body that they are most needed.

It’s just like a car. The engine, wheels, battery and fuel all have a major function, but none can work alone and the components in food are exactly the same.

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Research & Eric Llewellyn

Wise Owl’s co-founder, Eric Llewellyn, is THE nutritional pioneer who brought ‘food state’ supplements to the UK 40 years ago.

Eric is a nutritional researcher, who has devoted his life to the promotion of natural ways to achieve health and self-healing. Initially studying Naturopathy at the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in London, he went on to spend five years training in nutrition, holistic health and the importance of healthy vibrant soil with a pioneering holistic medical practitioner, Dr. Philip Kilsby.

Eric’s lifetime of work is fundamentally about getting people to help themselves to health through correct nutrition and diet. Eric’s interest in ‘Food State’ became evident when he supplied the then fledgling Bristol Cancer Help Centre with ‘Food State’ vitamins and minerals.

His mission was to provide the purest and most effective supplements to the cancer patients in an effort to support them through their illness. During this period Eric developed a reputation for setting high standards within the food supplement industry. For many years, Eric has been helping to support individuals personally helping them through illness or improving their well being with tailor-made diets and nutritional programmes. He has also created special dietary programmes for top athletes who have gone on to win Olympic medals.

Our vitamins & minerals are the result of over 35 years of research, development & formulations of the highest quality vitamins, minerals & herbs for use by health conscious consumers.

Quality & Manufacturing

Wise Owl has cGMP and GLP protocols in place for the manufacturing of its nutrients. The Wise Owl Food State raw material, manufacturing process and the tablet formulation conform to appropriate pharmaceutical and GMP. We produce our products using modified Over The Counter drug manufacturing standards. We fully recognise all appropriate UK and EU food supplements legislation & continue to make every effort to ensure that our products comply with all requirements. At our FDA inspected manufacturing plant in the US, two independent outside contractors are responsible for monitoring water quality; and pest control on a monthly and biweekly basis, respectively.

Precise manufacturing controls are maintained throughout the production process. Environmental, in-process and finished product samples are collected and analyzed to assure that each batch of product is of the highest quality.

Manufacturing & Bioavailability of Tablets
Manufacturing can significantly affect the bioavailability and absorption potential of nutrients within the body and the use of innocuous excipients in the tableting process can themselves affect the availability of the active substances for absorption.
Wise Owl supplements are produced using specific but minimal excipients.

Pressure & Bioavailability
The bioavailability of the active ingredients can be affected by the pressure applied to the tablet in its creation. Too great a pressure generates heat and may affect the presence of the active substances, it can also disturbs the disintegration time of the tablet, consequently resulting in poor or negligible absorption.
Wise Owl Food State tablets are produced with appropriate pressure to overcome any of these potential problems.

Heat & Bioavailability
Food State tablets (natural nutritional supplements) are made in small production runs, to ensure that the machinery used does not become hot so preventing damage to the active ingredients.
Quality Control of the final tablet includes correct disintegration, micro-biological assay and conformity to tablet specifications.

Our work with nutritionists and health experts ensure that all of our products are as advanced as possible.


We sell to practitioners worldwide. If you are interested in joining Wise Owl health as a practitioner please contact us to discuss your requirements. We have a whole range of information available to registered practitioners.

Where Are We Based?

Wise Owl is proudly British owned & is based in Oxfordshire in the UK. Ingredients are sourced from the US, the EU & the UK. The products are made into tablets/capsules in the UK.

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