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Man with arms up to the sun - Vitamin D - the sunshine vitamin

Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D has been recommended for years to help sufferers of the winter blues and isoften referred to as the ‘sunshine vitamin’! Increasing our intake of vitamin D when we ...
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Woman Sleeping - How to Improve Sleep

5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is an important part of life and when we’re not getting enough, it can affect many elements in our life. We may feel that we cannot function properly, feel ...
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happy, healthy child in the sea air - boosting your child's immune system

Boosting Your Child’s Immune System

It’s back to school time and most parents know that it’s a time of year when our children’s immune system will be fighting the latest viruses, bugs and germs as ...
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iodine crystals

The Iodine Deficiency

The World Health Organisation regard that iodine deficiency is the most widespread yet easily preventable issue for cognitive development in children. There are believed to be 30 million people in ...
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Relaxed woman looking out to sea - benefits of vitamin b12 supplement

The Health Benefits of Vitamin B12

Did you know that approximately 39% of adults between 26 – 83 years old have plasma vitamin B12 levels in the low to normal range? And approximately 56% of middle-aged ...
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Hand and knee e-rays - calcium supplements

Why Do We Need Calcium?

Calcium plays an important role in maintaining nerve and muscle function, normal coagulation and the formation and repair of teeth and bones. A long-term calcium deficiency is linked to degenerative ...
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