How Can Selenium Supplements Contribute to Good Health?

According to studies and research, eight out of ten of us are lacking in selenium. The essential micro-mineral selenium is important for our bodies and when levels are correct, it gives us optimum health in several areas. When selenium levels are lower than they should be, our immune system will be weakened and people will commonly experience unwanted effects on brain function such as:

Memory impairment
Postpartum Depression
Poor Coordination

Research has shown that Western Diets have been found to be around 50% deficient in selenium, proving why selenium supplements are beneficial for our health.

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The Natural Sources of Selenium

Selenium can be found in good, low acid forming food sources such as most vegetables, blueberries, prunes, plums and many other fruits. Fruit and vegetable juices are a good way of increasing your intake of selenium, also grains, nuts, herbs and live yogurt.

The Benefits of Selenium

Optimum levels of selenium have been found to prolong a healthy life and reduce the process of ageing. The life extension properties in selenium are due to the powerful effects that selenium creates by a key enzyme called glutathione peroxidase. This enzyme protects against and switches off harmful Free Radicals which are damaging to us. Glutathione peroxidase is known to be one of the most powerful anti-oxidant enzymes in the body and a decent level of selenium is vital to make glutathione peroxidase.

Clinical studies have shown that selenium is important for our immune system and that there are many proven benefits for our skin and hair. Hair condition improves significantly with optimum selenium, reducing brittle hair and split ends, improving thickness and length and helping to prevent hair loss. Selenium also supports the immune system, ensures adequate supply of oxygen to the heart, maintaining energy-producing cells. It is important for the production of prostaglandins, playing an essential role in maintaining thyroid functions and male reproductive and fertility functions.

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Why Should We Take Selenium?

So, if selenium can be provided within natural food sources that we can regularly include in our diet, why should we take a selenium supplement? A lack of selenium in recent years is mainly due to the depletion within soil and crops that are grown in different countries can have significantly different levels of selenium, even if they are the exact same variety. Independent researchers and government agencies have discovered that soil selenium levels have diminished further by up to 60% and some say that depletion as high as 70%.

The UK and EU governments suggest that our recommended daily intake of selenium should be approximately 55 micrograms but many other parts of the world recommend at least 200 mcg per day. Yet, International Health Foundations that focus on good health and a long life, advise at least 300 mcg per day. It just goes to show that recommended daily doses can differ all over the world, but research has shown that taking 100 mcg per day of selenium can give you a marked improvement on coping with stress and managing moods. Wise Owl has formulated a high-quality food state selenium which is a natural, organic form of the mineral.

Did You Know?

In 1996, a scientific study was published which showed that selenium could halve the chances of death by some cancers. The cancer-causing process has destructive molecules that are called Free Radicals that can damage sensors on the cell or the DNA, triggering potential development of cancer cells. Free Radicals are also known to suppress the immune system, but scientific research has proved that the health benefits of selenium include a powerful anti-oxidant which should protect cells against cancer. Not only can it protect cells from cancer, selenium also stimulates the immune system, helping the body to fight against any onset of damaging or fatal diseases.

Disclaimer: The information in this document is not intended to replace orthodox medical treatment. The information offered in this document is offered as additional complimentary information.

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