Mineral Soil Depletion

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Some startling numbers of mineral soil depletion are below.


As long ago as the important soil report from the Earth Summit in 1992 provided the results in the table below 

Percentage of Mineral Depletion from Soil during the Past 75 to 85 years

North America 85% *
South America 76%
Asia 76%
Africa 74%
Europe 72%
Australia 55%


The depletion of important minerals has continued downward over the past 25 years.


Our diet has changed dramatically since the 1930s-40s’. Farming first started to change from natural farming processes, developed over 1000’s of years, to scientific farming processes. These changes have run in parallel with lifestyle changes, disease pattern changes and food processing changes.


The reality is that if we need some of these depleted minerals (which we do) and we are unable to get them from the crops then it is sensible to consider supplementation. If we consider supplementation of just some very key minerals we also need to consider the form of these supplements.


Nowadays just considering the word “natural” on a supplement label is not sufficient. There are many supplements made from coal tar, petroleum derivatives, hydrogenated sugar, sulphuric acid, ammonia. Yes these toxic and highly undesirable substances are used to manufacture the vast majority of “Natural” vitamins. What is used for “Natural” minerals is yet another story.


Back to the point of supplementation as the “natural” supplement labels do not mention these chemicals that are used for the majority off “natural” vitamins or minerals caution is suggested. By the way most (perhaps 98%) of the “natural” vitamins are manufactured worldwide by a handful of multinational pharmaceutical companies.


The Food State vitamins and minerals are from foods such as rice, yellow pea, nutritional yeast (non-allergic) and carrots, bit of a difference!!


Key good health building minerals that are often in short supply include:



And there are more as a look at the internet for published soil depletion studies will show


We at Wise Owl suggest that you consider supplementing with our broad spectrum Multivitamin and Mineral, providing food sources of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins, enzyme activators and many more beneficial nutrients that can be found in real foods.


To be a bit negative did you know that many, many published studies (since the 1960s have said that some components used in the chemical forms of multivitamin and mineral supplements should not be taken at the same time as they can have adverse reactions.


The Food State nutrients do not negatively interact with each other because they are delivered in the form of food – not chemicals. Delivered in the form of food means simply that the nutrients are recognised by the stomach and digestive system as food nutrients and absorbed and utilised properly.


In all the independent scientific and clinical studies performed using Food State Vitamins and Minerals the results have always shown the Food State Nutrients to be superior.


So here we are decades later with companies still selling the chemical forms of multivitamins and minerals. As long as you do not know or are not aware of these scientific published studies companies will continue to sell them. When consumers become more aware then we may see some changes from “natural” substances such as;


  • Acetate
  • Hydrochloride (Hcl)
  • Mononitrate
  • Diphosphate and phosphates
  • Dioxide
  • Hydrogenated Oils


There are plenty more but we also should look at the fillers, binders, sugars, flowing agents and more synthetic (and often toxic) substances that are in the “natural” multivitamin and mineral supplements.


Following long periods of consuming the chemical (often called “natural) of the traditional multivitamin and mineral supplements we suggest a period of gentle cleansing and detoxification.


We further suggest considering a course of Food State Multivitamin and Mineral Nutrient Complex to help the body detoxify and cleanse.


Should you consider such a cleanse then we strongly advise an additional Food State Magnesium supplement.  As a simple analogy, Magnesium could be considered as the essential ‘spark plug’ for our 100 trillion cells. Magnesium is essential for efficient functioning of the metabolism.


It is interesting that while so many people who experience reduced energy levels search for energy-providing foods or drinks, the real reason for their diminished energy is so often the lack of specific nutrients and a burden of toxic matter. These so called energy substances are mostly little more than combinations of refined sugars, that take you up and then let you down again.  These so called energy substances will reduce the healing process energy and the body’s ability to deal with stress, both physical and emotional.


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