What makes us different?

nutritionalAbout 40 years ago there was, perhaps, the most important breakthrough ever in nutritional science and a unique generation of supplements was developed. This revolutionary process became known as Food State (natural nutritional supplements).

Our ‘Food State’ products are different from 98% of the supplements available in the marketplace. Most supplements available are found in a synthetic, isolated form of the nutrient. In real food, nutrients are never found alone, they are found within a ‘food matrix’ of other active components that ensure the best delivery of nutrients.

Food and ‘Food State’ share the same form of nutrient delivery within the body. ‘Food State’ supplements provide nutrients as close as possible to natural foods and importantly, exist within a food matrix of real contributing edible parts of natural food. In this form the body recognises the supplements as food, so absorbing them readily and ultimately delivering them more efficiently than synthetically processed ‘non food state’ nutrients. They are natural nutritional supplements.

It’s just like a car. The engine, wheels, battery and fuel all have a major function, but none can work alone and the components in food are exactly the same.


Eric Llewellyn, our Founder


Eric is a nutritional researcher, who has devoted his life to the promotion of natural ways to achieve health and self-healing. Initially studying Naturopathy at the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in London, he went on to spend five years training in nutrition, holistic health and the importance of healthy vibrant soil with a pioneering holistic medical practitioner, Dr. Philip Kilsby.

Eric’s lifetime of work is fundamentally about getting people to help themselves to health through correct nutrition and diet. Eric’s interest in ‘Food State’ became evident when he supplied the then fledgling Bristol Cancer Help Centre with ‘Food State’ vitamins and minerals.

His mission was to provide the purest and most effective supplements to the cancer patients in an effort to support them through their illness. During this period Eric developed a reputation for setting high standards within the food supplement industry. For many years, Eric has been helping to support individuals personally helping them through illness or improving their well being with tailor-made diets and nutritional programmes. He has also created special dietary programmes for top athletes who have gone on to win Olympic medals.