The Services We Offer

At Wise Owl Health as pioneers and specialists in Food State formulas we have the unique ability to supply existing products, produce clinic and Practitoner own-brand ranges and develop new formulas for health professionals.


Our worldwide knowledge and experience in the formulation and design of products using ‘Food State’ ingredients has forged working relationships in the following countries around the world, America, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia and across Europe. Our clients include medical doctors, health practitioners, holistic clinics and leading distributors.


 Encapsulation Service


The recent investment of our modular clean room to GMP standard has provided Oriental and Western Ltd., with the ‘in house’ facility to prepare formula capsules. The addition of the Cleanroom to our business enables us to manufacture supplements on a small scale which meet the stringent requirements demanded by ‘Food Standards Agency’. The new Cleanroom facility is situated within our distribution centre in Oxfordshire.


Customised Vitamin, Mineral and Herbal Formulations.


We are constantly improving and expanding our product range. All of the products are produced in line with the latest legislation and EU Directive.  


However, as a practitioner you may require specific combinations of vitamins, minerals and herbs and we are able to offer our help in developing your own niche range. If you would like to ‘grow’ your own customised supplement range.


  • we can help you to formulate or custom design the nutritional supplement
  • manufacture the formula
  • offer short runs of capsules per customised supplement formulation.
  • offer a quick turnaround time for delivery
  • supply the nutrients for the  formula


How does this process work?


  • Once the customised supplement formulation has been developed and approved, the facility weighs and verifies the product materials in precise quantities.
  • The material is then blended for a specific mixing period before the encapsulation process begins.
  • Each batch number is carefully recorded and a sample of each of the powders is taken.
  • The encapsulation process is carried out on our semi automatic machine, designed to meet pharmaceutical standards.
  • The machine is able to process 300 vegetarian capsules per run averaging 5000-6000 per hour.


 We supply high quality specialist nutritional products that comply and conform to all UK standards and regulations.


Own Label Products.


We can recommend label suppliers who will work with you in producing specific details and artwork to your satisfaction.


 The benefits of selling ‘Own Label’ supplements range.

  • The nutrients are in a natural ‘foodstate’ 
  • Secure better profit margins
  • Price your ”own” products.
  • Market your own brand name of high quality and effective supplements which have been successfully used for over 20 years.
  • Be assured of expert information


Who can benefit from ‘Own label’ products?

  • Complementary Medicine Clinics
  • Nutritionists
  • Herbalists
  • Natural Health practitioners
  • Therapists
  •  Veterinary Surgeons
  • TCM Practitioners
  • Shops