We produce our products using modified Over The Counter drug manufacturing standards. Wise Owl has cGMP and GLP protocols in place for the manufacturing of its nutrients. At our FDA inspected manufacturing plant in the US, two independent outside contractors are responsible for monitoring water quality; and pest control on a monthly and biweekly basis, respectively.


Precise manufacturing controls are maintained throughout the production process. Environmental, in-process and finished product samples are collected and analyzed to assure that each batch of product is of the highest quality.

Manufacturing & Bioavailability of Tablets

Manufacturing can significantly affect the bioavailability and absorption potential of nutrients within the body and the use of innocuous excipients in the tableting process can themselves affect the availability of the active substances for absorption.

Wise Owl supplements are produced using specific but minimal excipients.  



Pressure & Bioavailability

The bioavailability of the active ingredients can be affected by the pressure applied to the tablet in its creation.

Too great a pressure generates heat and may affect the presence of the active substances, it can also disturbs the disintegration time of the tablet, consequently resulting in poor or negligible absorption.

Wise Owl Food State tablets are produced with appropriate pressure to overcome any of these potential problems


Heat & Bioavailability

Food State tablets (natural nutritional supplements) are made in small production runs, to ensure that the machinery used does not become hot so preventing damage to the active ingredients.
Quality Control of the final tablet includes correct disintegration, micro-biological assay and conformity to tablet specifications.

The Wise Owl Food State raw material, manufacturing process and the tablet formulation conform to appropriate pharmaceutical and GMP.