Setting the Record Straight – Nutrition and Multivitamin & Mineral supplements

First a brief message:

We believe a brief background for our Food State Multivitamin and Mineral supplement is important to consider in comparison to the traditional multi so called “natural” multivitamin and mineral formulas.

We believe that the information below is important for consideration; hence the overview below is presented to help your multivitamin and mineral formula choices

The case for really Natural Food State Nutrients supplements 

Food State Multivitamin and mineral formulas – NO Contraindications


A Broad Spectrum Food Formula 

This broad spectrum Food State Nutrient formula is recommended as a daily nutrient supplement that provides several nutrients that are very low or deficient in many foods today.

For all clinical applications as practitioners are of the view that the spectrum of nutrients is required to enhance the immune response, both in terms of strengthening resistance to, and helping to combat disease.

It is important to draw to your attention that from our experience and research, there are no ‘antagonistic’ aspects to the nutrients in this formula. This ensures that all the declared nutrients are biologically active and in harmony within the body.

As you will be aware, with the traditional chemical supplements (USP/BP materials), the vitamin E and iron will negate each other, as do several other components of the traditional standard chemical vitamin/ mineral complex..

Numerous comparative clinical and published studies have shown in all cases that the Food State Nutrients are superior and have not shown the undesirable (sometimes toxic) side effects the Traditional Chemical forms of vitamins and mineral supplements can cause.


Food State Nutrients bound within a Carrier Proteins Food Matrix

 All the Food State Nutrient (vitamins, minerals, vital carrier protein/chaperones, intrinsic factors and additional beneficial food matrix nutrients) are grown within an active food matrix.

This means that the body recognises and utilises the beneficial vitamin and/or mineral without the potentially harmful side effects. Like nutrients if foods the Food State Nutrients work synergistly together to improve our health.

Minerals and vitamins are only transmitted across the intestinal mucous bound to a specific vital carrier protein/chaperones. This how food and Food State Nutrients delivers nutrients.

Each protein carries in its structure the information needed to specify its proper location in the cell.

Unless minerals are in this bound food matrix form they will not only not be transported but may also block absorption of other mineral molecules and even affect the absorption of other metal elements such as iron, zinc and magnesium etc.



A Nobel Prize validation of the superior Food State Nutrients with Essential Carrier Proteins

A significant breakthrough in nutritional science was the awarding of The 1999 Noble Prize in Physiology to Dr. Gunter Blobel for discovering that proteins have intrinsic signals that govern their transport and localisation in the cell.

Dr. Blobel, a cell and molecular biologist at Rockefeller University in New York, has been researching the molecular mechanisms underlying the processes by which proteins are directed or transported into the cell.

Dr. Blobel discovered that proteins have an inherent signal that is essential for governing them to and across the cellular membranes. He also showed that similar, “address tags”, or “Post/zip codes”, direct proteins to other intracellular locations. We call these intrinsic codes Vital Carrier-Protein Factors (VCPF).

This category of “Food State” nutrient contain the CCFs and is the active macro and micro – nutrient, bound together within the natural food matrix which most closely supports it. We call this Food State.

As has been said numerous studies have shown in every time that the Food State Nutrients provide both quantitative and qualitative beneficial differences compared to the traditional chemical Non-Food State “natural” formulas.



Low Potency Food State – Naturally

The improved response rate and tolerance rate resulting from Food State nutrient enables a considerable reduction in the level of intake. This is due to the fact that the other nutrient co-factors contained within the food matrix protect and carry the “Food State” vitamins and minerals through the chemical interactions.

The vital carrier proteins/chaperones in Food State Nutrients ensure that the specific nutrient has the ability absorb the nutrient across the gut cell membrane.



The Food State Multivitamin and Mineral Nutrient complex


Vitamins and Para-vitamins:                       16

Minerals:                                                                       12

Active anti-oxidants in this formula:     14

Bioflavonoids                                              3 mg

Trace Amino Acids                                      

Shelf life: 2 years

Suitable for: vegetarians

Packaging: amber glass bottles with tamper evident closure

Container: contents 60 Tablets

Full Multivitamin and Mineral Nutrient Formula see appendix 1



The case against so called “natural” chemical supplements. 

“Natural” Multivitamins and Mineral supplements and safety.


It is important to point out that very many studies using the traditional form of chemical multivitamins and minerals have been shown to have undesirable side effects.

There are many concerns being raised from various medical and scientific sources regarding the implications of taking these chemical as supplements. We have to consider if consuming the chemical forms of multivitamins and minerals is safe or sensible.

These chemical forms of “natural” supplements are not a natural food for humans, although some chemists may consider only the chemical which is being offered on the label declaration as important whilst ignoring the question of usability.

Minerals (and vitamins) in these chemical forms are simply not treated the same way in the body as are minerals (and vitamins) found in food.

Worldwide nutrition and medical researchers have published papers showing that essential minerals and vitamins in the chemical forms are not well absorbed or utilised by the body. Research papers are showing that with some of these chemical forms the absorption is less than 1%.



Minerals in the traditional “natural” multivitamin and mineral supplements are not meant for humans.

While it is true that some chemical mineral can have some positive nutritional effects it is rather like borrowing money to pay a bill – as we all know the cost of borrowing can be creating new problems.

The pharmaceutical industrially processed minerals are not in a real food form or meant for humans. Plants have roots and other processes that help the chemicals in the soil convert into beneficial substances in the plants, humans do not have this ability.


Plants have the ability to decrease the toxicity of mineral substances in the soil by changing their biochemical structures; humans do not have the same ability.

The truth is that plants, or supplements only made from plants, are the best form of mineral supplement for humans, yet most people who take nutritional mineral support consume some type of industrially processed rock.



Health warnings and contra indications of chemical “natural” multivitamin and mineral formulas.

Health warnings and contra indications of chemical “natural” multivitamin and mineral formulas are numerous.

In fact, many nutritional and medical researchers warn that the chemical vitamins and minerals in these so called “natural” formulations adversely interact and should not be consumed at the same time.

There is much published research that shows the chemical “natural” forms of antioxidants in these formulas can shorten life rather than extend life.



Traditional Chemical Supplement Ingredients can result in the production of Harmful Free Radicals.

There are potentially negative health issues associated with the traditional chemical so called “natural” vitamin and mineral forms of supplement ingredients. From scientific studies, we know that some of these chemical forms of vitamins and minerals can produce several forms of very undesirable Harmful Free Radicals and may contribute to deterioration of health.

Food State Nutrients have been shown in published studies to combat and deactivate Harmful Free Radicals.

We know that high levels of the non-energy producing Harmful Free Radicals can cause cell mutations, damage the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) and do accelerate the aging process.


A brief rationale and introduction to the state of our foods and why Food State supplements are the appropriate form of supplementation.


.Food and Nutritional Deficiencies. 

It is interesting to observe that in a time of such a wide variety and food availability, nutritional deficiencies are becoming more and more common. The deficiencies are made plain to us by the levels of many physiological complaints we are suffering.

It is now common practice and big business to supplement the diet with macro and micro – nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Biocidal chemicals applied to plants during their growth cycle drip onto the soil and decimate these soil organisms

The validity of taking dietary supplements has recently been seriously challenged, due to frequently high dosage levels and apparent side effects. It has also been suggested, no doubt quite appropriately, that we should be able to gain all our required nutrients from the diet we consume.



Obtaining all our Vitamin and Mineral Nutrients from Foods. 

Unfortunately, however the notion that we can obtain all the nutrients we need from foods is just not valid. The significantly over farmed and chemically treated soils are what we can term “under nourished”.

It is very regretful that soil can no longer provide all the nutrients to plants and trees we need.  Many soil-based minerals can, and are depleted of several very necessary and important minerals through synthetic fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, as well as repeatedly growing crops on the same soil.

Note: soil depletion numbers are at the end of this document – appendix 2



Food Refining and Processing depletes Nutrients. 

While we are considering the potential negative aspects of the methods of growing our foods it is sensible to further reflect upon the refining and processing of vegetables, grains, fruits etc.

Refined foods strip away many important and beneficial nutrients. Food processing (including packaging substances) further deplete the nutritional profile of foods.

Refining and food processes can and do significantly reduce the proteins, vitamins and minerals that were in the food originally.

One by one, vitamins and then minerals were identified as essential nutrients by the diseases caused for lack of them, each one thrown into prominence as food refinement and processing took effect.


The food refiners and processers have been forced by law to put some of the vitamins and minerals back, but these replacements are not in the same form as they were removed. This introduction covers the whole point of this commentary.

Just as medicine seemed to have conquered infections, and many other disease conditions we began individually to lose the ability to control them for ourselves due to dietary nutrient deficiencies.



A brief overview and introduction of multivitamin and mineral supplements. 

Mega dosing chemical vitamins and mineral supplements.

Ever since vitamins and minerals were identified as essential nutrients, pure-state versions (isolated chemical forms) of them have been used to supplement deficient diets. The results have not, however, been as good as they should have been, even when taken in “mega-doses” – much larger amounts that normal food can supply.



Synthetic and so called “Natural” Vitamins. 

Replacing chemical synthetic vitamins and manufactured minerals which are in an isolated chemical form are permitted by law to be called “natural” – very misleading. In fact, a handful of pharmaceutical companies worldwide produce about 98% of the world’s brands of “natural” vitamins.

Reading the list of chemical vitamins in the “each tablet/capsule label section of most natural brands of “natural” vitamin supplements will show they all essentially contain the same isolated chemical sources.



Processed so called “Natural” Minerals. 

It is true that of most minerals in supplements are normally industrially processed inorganic rocks (mineral salts) hence they are void of the essential nutritional factors found in a food matrix.

100% of the minerals in food have the necessary carrier proteins/chaperones attached in a food matrix. To absorb minerals properly humans and animals are designed to recognise, absorb and utilise these important nutrients in a food matrix delivered by carrier proteins/ chaperones.


A food matrix means that the mineral (or vitamin) needs to be in a recognised structural form attached to carrier protein chaperones and other necessary nutritional factors, not in a pure isolated chemical form.

Note: because about 98% of “natural vitamins and minerals” are in isolated chemical forms

the recommendation by companies is very high indeed when compared to the nutrient levels in real food. The high dosage is suggested because most of the vitamin and mineral will not be utilised due to the isolated chemical form.



Considering a Multivitamin and Mineral supplement.

If we are in difficulty obtaining our vitamins and minerals from food sources then it is sensible to consider a multivitamin and mineral supplement. If we are considering a multivitamin and mineral supplement for an improvement to our health then, we believe it is important to consider the form of the vitamins and minerals

Essentially, we have two choices regarding supplementation of a multivitamin and mineral supplement.



Choice one: 

The Food State food matrix form – The vitamins and minerals in the Food State are grown with and bonded to the essential carrier proteins necessary for proper absorption and utilisation. The human body uses carrier proteins chaperones like the address on an envelope.

Only the full address can deliver the message or nutrient to exactly the right place.  Food State nutrients are transported to the site where they are needed via carrier proteins.



 Choice two: 

The second choice is from the vast array of brands offering the traditional “natural” multivitamin and mineral chemical supplements. About 98% of the world’s brands of these multivitamin and mineral formulas are in an isolated chemical form – read the label!

These chemical forms are like just putting a person’s name on an envelope without the address.

The chemical “natural” forms of multivitamin and mineral supplements do not have the necessary bonded carrier proteins/chaperones. The lack of essential intracellular carrier proteins in these supplement forms means that the chemical vitamins and/or minerals are not recognised by the cell-surface receptors a process necessary for absorption.



Appendix 1 

The Food State Multivitamin and Mineral Food Nutrient Complex – Formula information 

MULTIVITAMIN and MINERAL Formula Information

Each tablet provides on average:

% RDA+

Vitamin D  2.5 µg   50
Vitamin C  30.0 mg 50
 Vitamin E 5.0 mg 50
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 0.7 mg 50
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 0.8mg 50
Niacin (as Niacinamide) 9.0 mg 50
Vitamin B6 1.0 mg 50
Folic Acid 100.0 µg 50
Vitamin B12 0.5 µg 50
Biotin 0.075 mg 50
Pantothenic acid 3.0 mg 50
Vitamin K 20.0 µg *
Iron 2.5 mg 18
Zinc 2.5 mg 17
Iodine 75.0 µg 50
Copper 0.25 mg *
Manganese 0.25 mg *
Selenium 50.0 µg *
Chromium (G.T.F) 25.0 µg *
Beta carotene 2.4 mg *
Boron 0.5 mg *
Molybdenum 5.0 µg *
Inositol 2.5 mg *
Choline 2.5 mg *
Para-amino-benzoic acid 2.5 mg *
Magnesium 3 mg
Phosphorus 6 mg
Calcium 9 mg
Potassium 3 mg

RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance

* Indicates no RDA.

Energy, protein, carbohydrate and fat content negligible

Suitable for Vegetarians

Non GM and FREE FROM: wheat; starch; gluten; milk products (lactose); added sugars; colourings; flavourings and preservatives.

Contains no live yeast at time of manufacture



Appendix 2

Soil Nutrient Depletion and the Earth Summit Report 1992

The soil today is 55-85% less nutrient-rich than 60 years ago & even organic fruit & vegetables are 5-10 times less nutritious as they were 60 years ago.

Here are the results from the 1992 Earth Summit Report:

Percentage of Mineral Depletion from Soil during the Past 100 Years

North America 85% *
South America 76%
Asia 76%
Africa 74%
Europe 72%
Australia 55%

* These are averages – e.g. US farms varied between 60 and 100% depletion, the average is 85% as compared to 60 years ago.

Nutrient depleted soils results in nutrient deficient plants and in turn the animal that consumes the plants. Many additional organisations have also published the soil depletion of nutrients.



A concluding thought from the internationally respected Naturopath Robert Thiel, Ph.D. regarding chemical ingredients and Food Nutrients.


No matter how much synthetically produced so called “natural” vitamins or minerals manufactured from industrially-processed rocks and other chemicals, these artificial chemical substances will never be:

  • Never be a truly complete nutrient source.
  • Never replace all the functions of food vitamins and minerals.
  • Always be unnatural substances to the body.
  • Always strain the body by requiring that it detoxify or somehow dispose of their unnatural structures/chemicals.
  • Never be utilised, absorbed, and retained the same as food nutrients.
  • Not be able to prevent advanced protein glycation end-product formation the same as food nutrients.
  • Never be able to have the proven antioxidant effects the same as food nutrients.
  • Always are industrial products.
  • Always be composed of petroleum-derivatives, hydrogenated sugars, coal tar and/or industrially-processed rocks.
  • Never build optimal health the same as food nutrients.


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